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Curbed SF

THE 25 MOST EXPENSIVE HOMES FOR SALE IN SAN FRANCISCO #18- 2400 VALLEJO, PACIFIC HEIGHTS This historic Craftsman home was designed in 1905 by Albert Farr. The listing tells us that "New plans with the permit ready to be picked up have bee...

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Season 1, Episode 8 FAMILY SEARCHES FOR VINTAGE CHARM IN SAN FRANCISCO Greg, Lance and their daughter Sophie are searching for a vintage home in the pricey bay area of San Francisco, with its rich architectural history and diverse neigh...

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SF Market Updates

ROOM TO GROW The United States is a growing country, and its economy remains resilient in the face of many challenges. The San Francisco real estate sector faces many uncertainties at the start of 2017. While much attention will focus on the...

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“Winter is coming”

After four years of astronomical prices, our housing market is definitely transitioning. How much & how fast is open for discussion... Apprehension is the mood throughout the city. Apprehension to sell now or hold off, apprehension to buy no...

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The conversation that is going around the real estate industry water cooler is, "Are we in a bubble in the Bay Area and when is it going to burst?" Real estate is cyclical and the market is always shifting. Shifts are easy to understand and...

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Where do you stand in todays market?

Anyone who reads real estate news, blogs or newsletters knows that there are 2 particularly vehement camps, each with emotional and sometimes financial attachments to diametrically opposed positions: One never stops insisting that the market is...

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The NEW San Francisco Market!

The new San Francisco real estate market is shaping up to be a more measured version of the market seen last year. As an example, properties are taking about a week longer to sell than before, and the rate of appreciation has gone from do...

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